Sunday, 6 March 2011

First Blog!!

Hey there everyone,

This will be my first post on my newly formed blog. I've been meaning to put something together for quite a while and never quite got around to it, but I've decided that enough is enough and it is time to get my backside into gear and get writing!

As you can see from the title of my blog, I will be devoting the majority of my time to SharePoint, including any related technologies such as .NET, jQuery, ASP.NET, C# etc etc. Having said that, I'm gradually finding myself to be more and more of an Apple fan, have finally convinced my wife to get me an iPad 2 for my 30th birthday, and no doubt will be making a number of posts about that as well.

Since you're here, I'll start by giving you an overview of my experience to date. I've been working with SharePoint since late 2007, coming from a more general .NET background when I was self-employed. For the first year or so my exposure to SharePoint was primarily on the development side, creating Web Parts, Event Receivers, Feature Receivers...pretty much the usual stuff that a SharePoint developer will find themselves getting involved in. The company I worked for at the time had a strong focus on providing tailored SharePoint branding solutions to their customers but at the time this was an area that I had little or no interest in and tended to steer away from, however, over the past year or so I've had to have a better appreciation of what goes on in this area. Believe you me, compared to the sometimes extremely painful experience that is writing code for SharePoint, creating CSS feels like a walk in the park!

I now work for a company called IMGROUP who are well known for being a Business Intelligence specialist in the Microsoft Stack. Since joining the company I have moved into a technical architect role involved in designing SharePoint solutions, specifying target infrastructure, designing topologies, configuration Kerberos authentication and all sorts of other good stuff. I would consider myself to be a customer focused software consultant, as opposed to pure a technical person. This is no doubt partly due to me being in customer facing roles since I started my career.

Well I think that serves as enough of an introduction for the moment. Realistically at this stage I am hoping to be able to post once a week as a starting point. Ultimately I guess it boils down to how much of something interesting I have to say. Generally I would say that the most interesting posts that I have read by other people tend to be focused on giving an example of achieving something fairly challenging, or a particularly difficult problem they have encountered, so I will be trying to emulate this approach to blogging as much as possible.

Hope someone reads this eventually and if you are then thanks for continuing to read up to this point!

Have fun

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