Sunday, 6 March 2011

Quick go on the iPhone

Just downloaded the BlogPress app for the iPhone / iPad to see what the mobile blogging experience is like. I guess it's more in anticipation of getting the iPad because I don't realistically expect to be making many posts on the iPhone just because of the awkwardness of the typing interface.

Having said that, I think the real beauty of this tool will be for blogging my general thoughts when I'm out and about.

Thoughts on the app so far:

1) was able to connect to my blogspot pretty quickly - good

2) comes with support for storing pictures in Picasa - good (although I would prefer integration with Flickr but you can't have everything)

3) interface doesn't scroll when writing text on the iPhone which is a bit annoying if you are making a fairly large entry - bad

For more information on the BlogPress app, do a search in the App store or check out the following link:

BlogPress iTunes AppStore

Enough of that for the moment, catch you soon when I actually have something relevant to blog about!

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